Cosmic String

Cosmic String completes my space-themed February Album Writing Month trilogy. I wrote quite a few more songs than are shown here – there were collaborations with old friends, secret side-projects and frustrated techno excursions, but these 13 songs form the slightly-shorter-than-usual album.

Everything on this album by VOM VORTON apart from the lyrics to track 9, which were written by Ian Martin. It was mastered by Rob Newman at Snug.

  1. Two Left Feet
  2. A New Low
  3. Like Cats and Dogs
  4. Driving Alongside a Train
  5. SK5
  6. Nathan’s Eyes
  7. The Giant
  8. Digging Up Cities
  9. All of These Things Broke
  10. What a Sunset!
  11. Nice Paintjob
  12. I am the I in Team
  13. You’re So Appalachian

Front Cover (big)
Back Cover (big)
Front Cover (small)
Back Cover (small)

Everything in a big ZIP (50MB)