Bricks of the Galaxy

I wrote and recorded this album within the month of February 2008 for the FAWM challenge.

The lyrics for “It’s a Fair Cop” were written by MJ Hibbett and “Penny For The Guy” is a collaboration with Chriddof. Everything else is by me.

When I laugh at the end of “A Walk in the Park”, it’s because I’ve just seen a squirrel run headlong into another one, sending it flying.

  1. Back in Training
  2. Savoury Man
  3. The Animal News
  4. Electric Jealousy
  5. Fates Conspire
  6. Later… With Vom Vorton
  7. A Walk in the Park
  8. Squirrelwatching
  9. It’s a Fair Cop
  10. A Sign of Weekness
  11. The Scientists Say
  12. The Secret of my Success
  13. Last Minute
  14. Penny for the Guy

Front Cover
Back Cover