Planet of the Tapes

This album is the results of February Album Writing Month 2009, my second attempt at this excellent challenge.

This year I didn’t get around to collaborating with any of the other participants, but I did spend ca$h money on a new microphone, so hopefully the lyrics are actually audible this time.

If you decide to print the artwork out, for some reason, I suggest you invert the colours first to avoid using absolutely all of your ink / toner in one glorious go. Or do it at work.

  1. Get Lost!
  2. Photographic Memory
  3. The Joyous Invasions
  4. Hope You’re Not Cross
  5. Over the Weather
  6. Under the Moon
  7. Synthetic Heart
  8. Wizard Teeth
  9. Figures Crossed
  10. Love in the Reactor Core
  11. Avant Garden
  12. Eine Kleine Schwarze Katze
  13. Absurd Capacity
  14. The Dreaming Jewels

Front Cover (big)
Back Cover (big)
Front Cover (small)
Back Cover (small)