Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is my 4th FAWM album, written and (mostly) recorded in February 2011, then polished over the following months. It contains nine songs (the other ten songs that I wrote during that February are currently ‘homeless’) and can be found, for free, via Up Your Legs Forever – the colourful Canadian netlabel that you should already know and love!

Hide & Seek at UYLF!

UPDATE June 2012: I have ‘remastered’ this album as it sounded a bit muddy, and re-homed three previously-homeless songs as bonus tracks. It can now be found on bandcamp, as per the below widget. Why not download both versions and compare them? Get some friends over and have a comparison party! Make notes and see if you can spot the infinitesimally small changes that I made! It’s the craze that threatens to destroy the nation.