Do The Hustle

So, the Bar One gig was as fun and exciting as gigs tend to be at Bar One, which is to say that it was great. I love that place, it has good flashing lights that you can concentrate your eyes on and tell your brain that they are moving left or right, even though secretly you know that they’re just going on and off. That’s just one of the great things about Bar One! Everyone should go, all of the time.

My next gig is at The Jam CafĂ© in Nottingham on October 25th. This is part of something called Hockley Hustle, and some other nice people will be playing too, including the excellent Mexican Kids at Home and also somebody called Bonsai Project who I haven’t managed to find out anything about yet.

But don’t fear! Because I will post a new post with all the full information once I know what all of the full information is. I will post it here on this website!

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