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Hullo! I am lazier than ever at updating this thing. However, there has been a development! I can now be “liked” on Facebook, which should lead to more accurate updates if I get a gig, or do a new album, or release “Cat on the Pitch (Dubstep Remix)” in an attempt to cash in on whatever that was.

Click Here and hit ‘Like’ to do the DEED.

In sort-of-related news, I have also re-released ‘Hide & Seek’ via bandcamp. I was listening back to it the other day for INSPIRATION and found it a bit muddy-sounding so I added some extra SPARKLE and three bonus tracks that I had lingering around from the same recording sessions.

It’s still free!

Next gig at the moment is July 22nd, at the Red House in Sheffield, as part of the Tram Lines festival.

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