10hrs in 20mins

This was written and recorded in ten hours in September 2006 for the Crap Art Album-a-Day project. As a result some of the lyrics are a bit cringe-worthy, there’s the odd mistake left in, and everything is more of a terrifying “throw shit at the wall and see what sticks” mix of genres than ever before, but I’m quite proud of the result anyway.

  1. Arrowhead
  2. B.S.T.
  3. Sixteen
  4. One Rule
  5. Solitaire
  6. The Cats In My Garden
  7. Lost In The Vortex (Cosmic Disco)
  8. Man Overboard
  9. I Tripped and Fell
  10. Guardian Angel
  11. Slow Failure
  12. Millionaire

Front Cover
Back Cover